• Establishes, in collaboration with the Bishop and the Director of Deacon Formation, criteria and standards for admission into the formation program.
  • Assists the Director of Deacon Formation in implementing, coordinating and measuring the candidate interview and pre-admission processes.
  • Provides recommendations to the Bishop regarding applicants for admission.
Deacon John & Belinda Brasley -- Director of Deacon Formation (chair)
Dr. D.N. Premnath -- Dean, St. Bernard's
Rev. Louis Sirianni -- Canonical Consultant
Deacon Mark & Marcia Bovenzi
Deacon Bob & Pam Colomaio
Deacon Peter & Patti Dohr
Deacon Greg & Elena Kiley (deacon perceiver examiner)
Deacon Ed & Pam Knauf (1st year)
Deacon John & Susan Payne (deacon perceiver examiner)
Deacon Nick & Judy Valvo (deacon perceiver examiner)