From the Deacon Personnel Board:

Brothers in Christ;

This to remind you that it is time to report on last year's formation activities. Each year we are to send to the Office of Deacon Personnel a review of what we have done over the past year of what we will endeavor to accomplish in the upcoming year. This is kept in your permanent file and used as a reference of what the community is trained in and can be used for reference if we chose to move to a different diocese to minister. (N.B. Our year runs concurrent with the Diocese Year, i.e. July 1 through June 31. So this review would look at the period from July 1, 20XX to June 31, 20XX.)

We are to look at four Dimensions of development: Human, Spiritual, Intellectual and Pastoral. Within these Dimensions there are these Perspectives: Family Life, Multicultural, Ecumenical/Interreligious and Practical Aspects of Charity. The grid that these elements dorm us a framework with which we can evaluate and plan our ongoing education and ministry growth. Remember, this is a report on what each of us is already doing. It should include a minimum of 20 hours of formal programming, bit also includes study and experiences that we do on our own through other jobs and organizations that we encounter during the year. The plan for next year can help give focus to what we anticipate as areas that need strengthening or re-enforcement. Again using the Dimensions and Perspectives help give shape to how we frame our goals.

Again, knowing that we are all busy, please take 30 minutes or so to compose a report on last year and a projected plan for next year. This is to be submitted directly to the Office of Deacon Personnel either by traditional post or electronically to Thank you to the several who have already fulfilled this request.

Yours in Christ


The Deacon Personnel Board